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Families can use the My NICU Baby App to do things like:

Get tips and helpful videos to care for their baby in the NICU and at home

Track breastfeeding sessions and baby's weight

Track breast pumping and kangaroo care

Take photos and add filters

Connect with other families with similar experiences

Create a customizable checklist to prepare to take baby home

my nicu baby app

March of Dimes helps moms and families through every stage of pregnancy and throughout the NICU journey. It's what we do. Our My NICU Baby App is available whenever families need it to provide peace of mind, support and information at their fingertips. It's been developed to help parents cope with a baby's early birth, complications like birth defects and other issues that may affect a baby in the NICU.


My NICU Baby App (English)

Mi Bebé en la NICU (Spanish)


Families everywhere join the March of Dimes Community group on Facebook to find support, comfort and friendship. Get advice from a caring group on the challenges you’re experiencing and also learn about all the resources available through March of Dimes and local initiatives.

This mentorship program connects families from our community so they can offer advice and provide support for moms and babies. Members can share with others who’ve had similar experiences and can get reliable information and helpful resources from March of Dimes.

We created this blog to empower moms to help their pregnancies and babies be as healthy and strong as possible. It covers such topics as becoming a mom, pregnancy, pregnancy complications and premature birth, among others.

#UnspokenStories is a community where stories of pregnancy, parenting and loss—the ones that often go unshared—are told honestly. There’s strength in our collective voice! Hear the stories of others and learn how to host your own Unspoken Conversation.

Share Your Story is a welcoming environment for families to share their story and connect with other moms, dads and families who understand first-hand the challenges and triumphs that can happen throughout the pregnancy journey.

For those who have experienced the loss of a baby, our Wall of Remembrance offers a space to leave a message as a tribute to the little ones who will always be in our hearts. Tell your story, read memorials and honor the babies who are gone too soon.

healthy moms, strong babies webinar series

In April 2020, March of Dimes initiated a series of panel conversations called, “Healthy Moms, Strong Babies.” Facilitated by MOD President, Stacey D. Stewart, and including child and maternal health experts, these webinars cover a broad range of health and wellness issues.

Topics include: Bringing Home Your NICU Graduate During COVID-19, Advice for Families on Navigating the NICU, How Systemic Racism Affects Moms and Babies, and Tips to Relieve Stress and Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

To access these and other topics covered in the series, visit our Youtube page.